BATLLEFIELD is a series of four performances depicting four different couples, in four performances with identical choreography; a younger man and a woman, two women, two men, and an older man and an older woman. We see the same themes, the same scenarios, the same everyday problems and the same struggles played out in the four couple’s lives, but is their love the same? Is there a difference in the way you love depending on who you love? By presenting the four different couples in exactly the same performance, they experience the conflicts and comic situations we all recognise as being universally human – regardless of the couple constellation.

The performance in four versions:

BATTLEFIELD # 1 for a man and a woman, with Morten Nielsen and Anette Katzmann

BATTLEFIELD # 2 for two women, with Anette Katzmann and Tove Bornhøft

BATTLEFIELD # 3 for two men, with Peter Khouri and Morten Nielsen

BATTLEFIELD # 4 for an older man and an older woman, with Baard Owe and Marie-Louise Coninck

Direction BATTLEFIELD # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4: Tove Bornhøft

In 2008, BATTLEFIELD was nominated for a Reumert prize. The Reumert jury stated that the audience is “sucked into a poetic, grim and profound universe, with associations to our own personal conflicts and the cruel stories we hear about from all over the world.”

The individual versions of BATTLEFIELD can be experienced alone or in combination with the other versions.



Stage size: min. 8 m wide X 8 m deep X 4 m free ceiling space.
Technical requirements: 380 V, 3 x 16 Amp. + Earth + 0.
The room needs to be darkened. The performance is carried out on the floor.
Chairs in a minimum of four rows are required for the audience.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
For information about purchasing this production, please contact Theatre Rio Rose:


* * * * * (5 theatre masks)
“Rio Rose has created a visual, beautiful and intimate production about people’s lack of understanding of each other. (…) Tove Bornhøft, who is both artistic director and actor, uses her physical theatre experience as director and set designer. The fusion of theatre and art is this production’s most significant element.” By Lone Sørensen,

***** (5 stars)
“Theatre Rio Rose has, with Tove Bornhøft as director, set designer and artistic director, produced a little masterpiece. And the little masterpiece is called Battlefield (…) We study romantic relationships. We experience their clashes through the scripted words, and a kind of intensity in the physical sequences that we never achieve through the use of words. Beautiful (…) The script is written in an everyday manner and not as great poetry, but in combination with the movement, which is danceable without being abstract and acrobatic, Rio Rose achieves a meaningfulness that hits you right in the heart – and brain.” By Niels Erling,

***** (5 stars)
“Rio Rose’s production is both brilliantly conceived and well executed – and the two older actors keep absolute cadence.” By Iben Friis Jensen, Fyns Amts Avis

“It is clear that Bornhøft is inspired, not in the least, by German expressionist theatre – with a flower greeting to Pina Bausch’s Carnations. But her tone is unmistakably Danish, with focus on the tiny details that show our refined spoilt ways. Physical and intimate.“ By Anne Middelboe, Information.

Photographer: Thomas Andersen